Awilco Drilling

Awilco Drilling element and logo

Awilco Drilling PLC is a UK based Drilling Contractor owning and operating the two refurbished and enhanced mid-water semi-submersible drilling units WilHunter and WilPhoenix.

Awilco Drilling Limited was incorporated in December 2009 in connection with the acquisition of the two semi submersible drilling rigs, WilPhoenix and WilHunter. The company is registered in England & Wales with its operation based in Aberdeen, Scotland. The Company re-registered to a public company on 14 April 2011, under the name Awilco Drilling PLC.

Awilco Drilling PLC is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under ticker code AWDR. The Awilhelmsen Group is the largest shareholder controlling 37,1% of the shares. Awilco Drilling PLC has management agreements in place with Awilco AS (and related companies) for ad-hoc support services.

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