Real estate

Real estate

Linstow AS is one of Norway’s real estate companies. The Company owns, develops and manages real estate within different segments both in Norway and abroad. In Norway Linstow has a key ownership role in several major development projects, furthermore the company owns and manages offices and parking properties. The company has a large part of its activities in the Baltic states, primarily in the hotel and shopping/retail market. Here the company owns a total of nine hotels and three shopping centers located in major cities in the Baltic countries. Moreover, the company owns a resort in Portugal and a hotel in St. Petersburg.

Large urban development projects

Linstow is acknowledged for being an important player in large urban development projects, both in Norway and in the Baltic region. Participation in complex property projects includes involvement in city planning and highlighting environmental issues. Linstow is, through its ownership in Oslo S. Utvikling AS, a major participant in the development of Bjørvika, an area centrally located downtown Oslo which is facing the largest urban development of modern times.

Employees and Headquarters

Linstow AS Group has approximately 1.200 employees and the headquarters is located at Tjuvholmen in Oslo, Norway.


Linstow is wholly owned by Awilhelmsen AS since 1999. The company in its current form is the result of a merger in 1998 between Linstow Eiendom AS and Nydalens Compagnie ASA.

Ülemiste Shopping Center in Tallinn, Estonia