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The Awilhelmsen Group has been Invested in shipping since its inception in 1939. Awilco AS is the shipping and offshore arm of Awilhelmsen, and is today a privately held company located in Oslo, Norway, focusing on investments in and operation of shipping and offshore assets.

The company

The company has owned and operated vessels and rigs within various shipping and offshore segments and has an extensive in-house commercial and technical competence with a strong track-record, including the previously stock listed companies Awilco Offshore and Ocean HeavyLift.


Today, Awilco owns 38.6% of the shares in Awilco LNG ASA (ALNG), 50% of Awilco Eco Tankers Holding AS, and 100% of Awilco Container AS. In addition, the ownership of 37,1% in Awilco Drilling PLC is managed by Awilco on behalf of the Awilhelmsen Group. Awilco Technical Services AS (ATS) is a wholly-owned technical management company of Awilco AS and has the technical management of Awilco Eco Tankers’ four vessels and both of Awilco LNG’s vessels. Awilco is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Awilhelmsen AS.

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